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I Owe It All to Kurt Loder

When I was young(er), I watched some MTV here and there…back when it was mostly a music video channel. Soon after the network launched, they created MTV News. Kurt Loder was the face of MTV News and almost single-handedly (I realize in retrospect) led me to get into journalism. Yup, not Walter Cronkite or Edward […]

Does Your Company Actually Need Data Visualization?

The Harvard Business Review published an article of mine titled “Does Your Company Actually Need Data Visualization?”. There I talk about who should (and shouldn’t) bother with data viz. Take a read and feel free to comment there or email me or comment on my Tumblr about it. I think that many organizations should be visualizing (and […]

Hospital Pricing Visualization Challenge

I recently submitted an entry to a data visualization contest sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Health 2.0 and Visualizing.org. The challenge was to create a static or interactive visualization of data on hospital pricing provided by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. I’ll find out in mid-September whether I won, which could mean […]

The Right Visualization for the Job

Some people seem to think that data visualization has to be extreme, fancy, complicated and dense. I’ve seen visualizations that are incredibly beautiful and awe-inspiring as a design or programming portfolio piece. But they do little to illuminate the subject at hand. The other end of the spectrum is the lowly bar chart or pie […]