The Best Hockey Team Ever

So it turns out the best hockey team ever…was the 1929-1930 Boston Bruins. Yep. That’s right. Data visualization is great. It lets you take the numbers, play with them for awhile, and find a way to make sure that the Boston Bruins come out on top! But seriously, there are a lot of interesting stories […]

ASK… What Makes a Good Data Visualization

There’s good data visualization and there’s bad data visualization. Rather than quote Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart’s definition of porn (read Jacobellis v. Ohio), I think there is actually a very specific answer to the question what makes a good data visualization? It can be summarized in the acronym ASK. A = Accuracy First, a […]


We’re listening! Listen. It is the most important thing I do…for my clients, my friends, my family, etc. Rather than getting too Oprah about its importance for life in general, which it is, I’ll focus here on how listening applies to my world at Beehive Media. Any engagement begins with a “sales” process. I put […]

4X4 Model for Knowledge Content

No one reads any more. The long form is dead. The written word?  That’s for grandpa! It’s all about video, baby! Everything I just said  is entirely accurate. And yet it’s all wrong. The King is Dead. Long  Live the King. The fact is that the web and its associated information overload has  given us […]

Information Connectedness

I’ve been thinking a lot about information connectedness lately. Actually, it’s been for about the past 10 years but it’s ramping up to new heights right now. We work with PricewaterhouseCoopers and World Economic Forum, having created KnowledgeConcierge, which has gone through three iterations over the past ten years. And it’s always been about sharing […]

Healthways Community Wellness App

Healthways’ tagline is “Create a healthier world”.  One step in that direction is to work with communities on strategies to encourage wellness.  We created an application for Boston Consulting Group and World Economic Forum earlier this year that leveraged Healthways data to share statistics on how wellness programs can decrease costs for businesses.  This platform […]