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Exploring the Human Development Index

If you follow global issues, you are probably familiar with the Human Development Reports from the United Nations’ Human Development Programme. Each year, they report on the progress of nations as measured by one statistic they refer to as the Human Development Index. This score, which was most recently measured for 187 of the world’s […]

15 Thought Leaders Define: What is Data Visualization?

Defining data visualization isn’t as easy as it seems. Some view it as a communication tool, while others view it as a process, outcome, relief, form of insight, culture, voice of the information age, or the perfect blend between science and art. We’ve collected quotes from thought leaders and influencers in the data visualization community – dating […]

Color Theory Do’s and Don’ts for Data Visualization

This is a guest blog post from Marisa Krystian. Marisa is a Content Marketing Manager at Infogram, a data visualization tool that helps media, marketers and business decision-makers tell their stories with data. Color can grab people’s attention, set the mood, and influence perception. There are multiple free tools online to help you discover great color […]