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Love and Happiness in Anna Karenina

Anna Karenina has one of the greatest opening lines in all of literature: Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. It’s a great line because it’s thought-provoking and so tightly written and clearly sets up an over-arching theme that carries throughout this Russian novel: happiness (and the lack […]

8 Immersive Virtual Reality Data Visualizations

Imagine stepping into a three-dimensional data visualization that lets you fully interact with the data. This is now possible thanks to virtual reality technology. Virtual reality data visualizations are computer generated, highly interactive, 3D projects. While the concept of VR isn’t new, the idea of immersive data exploration most certainly is – and the exciting […]

Creating Infographics that Stick

Why do you create infographics? Is it just to pass the time, or is there a strategic purpose for it? Maybe you’re trying to educate your audience about some important concept…or market an amazing new product…or advocate for some world-changing cause… Whatever the reason, you want to change hearts and minds with your work, which means […]

Charting the Chartists:
A 2016 Survey of Data Visualization Professionals

Introduction Over several decades, numerous studies have been conducted on data visualization practices, including a nice collection of fresh research being conducted in academia and the commercial world today. By data visualization, I mean any visual depiction of data, such as charts and graphs, maps, interactive data experiences and even more esoteric data displays that […]

11 Must-Have Design Tools for Productive Marketers

Marketers rely on visuals every day to create compelling web pages and campaigns. We love good design, but we understand that you don’t always have time to create something beautiful. If you’re in need of a new logo, engaging website, fun font combination, great chart, or clever social media image – you’re in luck! We’ve crafted […]

Exploring the Human Development Index

If you follow global issues, you are probably familiar with the Human Development Reports from the United Nations’ Human Development Programme. Each year, they report on the progress of nations as measured by one statistic they refer to as the Human Development Index. This score, which was most recently measured for 187 of the world’s […]

15 Thought Leaders Define: What is Data Visualization?

Defining data visualization isn’t as easy as it seems. Some view it as a communication tool, while others view it as a process, outcome, relief, form of insight, culture, voice of the information age, or the perfect blend between science and art. We’ve collected quotes from thought leaders and influencers in the data visualization community – dating […]